A Comprehensive Guide To Commode Chairs, Ankle Binders, And Cervical Collars


People suffer from various health issues due to unhealthy lifestyles and a lack of physical activity. Fortunately, big brands like VisscoNext provide different assistive devices that provide essential aid, support, and comfort to individuals with mobility and musculoskeletal issues. A few healthcare assistive devices include commode chair, ankle binder, cervical collar, knee caps, traction kits, etc. Each assistive device serves a distinct purpose, helping patients maintain independence, alleviate pain, and facilitate recovery.

Here, we will discuss three essential medical aids: a commode chair, an ankle binder, and a cervical collar. Let us shed some light on these vital medical tools, their significance, functionality, and proper usage. 

  • Commode Chair

A commode chair is a multipurpose and essential mobility aid that helps people who have mobility problems, especially the elderly, people with physical disabilities, and people who are recovering from surgery, go to the toilet. Many of them have wheels that allow a person to reach the bathroom or shower independently and safely. This portable device offers a practical and dignified solution for toileting needs.

Key Features

  • Sturdy Frame: 

Most of them are designed with high-grade anti-corrosion stainless steel or aluminium to ensure stability and support.  

  • Washable and Removable Bucket:

The buckets are made of antibacterial materials, and you can remove, empty, and clean them easily. 

  • Armrests and Backrests: 

Many models come with armrests and backrests for additional comfort. 


  • Increased Independence
  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Ankle Binder

An ankle binder, also known as an ankle binder belt or brace, is a medical device designed to provide stability, compression, and protection to the ankle joint.  It is tied around the foot and ankle in the shape of an eight and is used to treat and prevent injuries like sprains, strains, swelling, sports injuries, or other causes of pain and discomfort in the ankle. 

Key Features

  • Elastic Material: 

Ankle binders are made of stretchable fabric or neoprene material to offer compression and support without restricting movement excessively. 

  • Adjustable Straps: 

They use loop elastic technology to allow for a customised fit, catering to different ankle sizes and shapes. 

  • Open Heel Design: 

You can wear them around the foot and ankle in the figure of 8 locking design which keeps the heel open, ensuring unrestricted movement while providing sufficient support. 


  • Pain Relief
  • Injury Prevention
  • Postoperative Support
  • Cervical Collar

A cervical collar is a neck brace that supports the cervical spine (neck) and limits its range of motion. It is frequently used in cases of cervical fractures, neck injuries, and other specific surgeries. 

Key Features

  • Rigid or Soft Design: 

They have a rigid and soft design to offer support and immobilisation without causing discomfort. 

  • Velcro Closures:

Velcro closures guarantee a snug, comfortable fit.

  • Chin Support:

It has an extended chin support to prevent excessive neck movements.


  • Stabilization
  • Pain Reduction
  • Postoperative Support


Contact VisscoNext, a reputable supplier of commode chairs, ankle binders, cervical collars, and other medical assistive devices, if you have any of these health conditions and are looking for high-quality medical assistive devices. 

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