Did You Know These Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Air Jordan Shoes


While a wide range of running shoes is available, Air Jordan remains at the top. If you explore the online store of a reputed retailer, you will always find that these shoes are on the list of their best sellers. Jordan UNC to Chicago is one such item you can find in different sizes. 

This model is famous for its vibrant color combination, including red upper and outsoles, blue heel tabs, ankle collars, the unmissable Nike Swoosh, and white midsoles. 

You may wonder why these shoes are still popular after almost 20 years of Michael Jordan’s retirement. This blog can help you with that.

High-quality Materials Used

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Air Jordan shoes is their exclusivity. Compared to other shoe brands, they contain highly-quality materials, including premium leather uppers and full-grain calfskin. Using these materials also makes them more durable. 

Another factor that plays a pivotal role here is the wide variety of styles and colors, which allows customers to make a more informed decision on the selection. 


The name ‘Jordan’ is attributed to Michael Jordan, arguably one of the greatest basketball players. After retiring from the sports, these shoes are sold directly under his supervision. 

In addition to that, many other celebrities, stars, entertainers, and athletes wear these sneakers. Whenever someone is looking for a high-grade running shoe, an Air Jordan model like Jordan ‘UNC to Chicago’ always stays their priority. 

You may be amazed to hear that this brand of sneakers is something that many people prefer to collect. In short, this brand has contributed to launching enriched sneaker culture.


You will find that people looking for performance-oriented shoes at a reasonable price always choose to buy Air Jordan shoes. Compared to other shoes of the same quality, the price is relatively lower. The manufacturer always updates themselves to create the most innovative design. 

Support and Comfort It Provides

Many people choose to buy Air Jordan shoes because of the extra support and comfort. You may find that many individuals are suffering from chronic foot pains, while others are complaining of plantar and heel spurs. It happens because of the discomfort they experience from the shoes. 

Fortunately, Jordan shoes do not have these drawbacks, and you can use them in the long run without experiencing any severe health issues. 

Final Words

Many people buy Jordans because they believe these shoes will help them deliver top-level performance and do not hesitate to make investments in purchasing these sneakers. Also, the texture used in the shoe makes it highly functional. 

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