Toothaches in Children – Causes, Relief, and Treatment


In Fresno City, where maintaining proper oral hygiene is one of the top priorities for individuals. Likewise, maintaining proper children’s oral health is also essential. As you know, children are clumsy when it comes to taking care of themselves. Similarly, it is very challenging for parents to take proper care of their children’s dental health. Therefore, many children experience toothaches, which is unbearable to them. Consider seeking cosmetic dentist services in Fresno to get assistance in treating the oral health issues of your children.


  • Cavities.

Cavities are one of the primary causalities of toothaches caused by consuming junk food, sugary beverages, acidic drinks, and poor oral healthcare. Cavities make the tooth weak and start causing pain to the individual. 

  • Gum diseases.

Gum diseases like redness, swelling, plaque, and bleeding not only damage your oral health care but also cause unbearable pain for children. When your gums are damaged, it makes your teeth feel sore, which leads to certain pains.

  • Tooth eruption.

Tooth eruption is a natural cause of toothache. When new teeth or permanent teeth start to grow, severe pain is felt in the child. This root cause of toothache is mostly found in toddlers and kids.

  • Injury or trauma.

If the child gets his/her tooth chipped, broken, or tainted, this can cause dental trauma for the child and lead to pain and fear. Therefore, it is essential to treat the chipped or broken tooth immediately.

Methods of relief

There are many methods to get comfort from toothaches temporarily. There are many home remedies to address toothaches. You can start by rinsing your mouth with salt water for 2 minutes since it can reduce the inflammation in your mouth. Another way to get relief from toothache is to apply an ice pack to the infected spot. 

If you are feeling pain on either side of your mouth, apply the ice pack from the exterior. In addition, many individuals use clove oil for toothaches since it can decrease the rash in their gums and detour further pain.

Treatment for toothaches.

Despite using home remedies, if you are still feeling the discomfort, then you must consider visiting your dentist. Your dental caretaker will make sure to examine your teeth and detect the problem easily. Your dentist can also recommend a fluoride treatment to avoid further pain and discomfort. 

For children, dentists apply dental sealants on the cover of their teeth to avoid cavities, which are the major cause of toothache. In addition, if the toothache remains untreated, then there is a high chance that you may have to go for root canal therapy.

If your child is going through a severe toothache, consider making an appointment with your dental caretaker today.

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