What to Do if You Knocked Out a Tooth?


One of the most common dental emergencies is a knocked-out tooth by an injury. If an adult tooth is knocked out, try putting it back in place and go to a dentist immediately. If you can’t put an adult tooth back into position, place it in milk and contact your usual dental emergency Parkland dentist. You may be able to see a dentist straight away, or you may be directed to an urgent care dental service.

A knocked-out tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, these are the steps that you should follow:

  • find the tooth
  • hold it by the crown
  • rinse the tooth with water
  • try to put it back into position
  • bite on a piece of cloth to hold the tooth in place
  • visit your dentist as an emergency 

If you are unable to place the tooth back in its proper position, place it in milk and contact a dentist immediately. A knocked-out tooth has a higher chance of re-implantation into the gums if it is put back into the oral cavity as soon as possible. You shouldn’t attempt to re-implant a baby tooth that your child knocked out since you might harm the adult tooth that is developing below. Take your child right away to the dentist.

What to expect from a dental visit?

If you have reinserted your tooth, the dentist will examine it and take an X-ray to ensure it is in the proper place. To keep it in place for two weeks, they will splint it to the teeth on either side. Splinting is a method that temporarily attaches the tooth to keep it in place. If you’ve put your tooth in milk and gone straight to the dentist, the dentist will numb the affected area and reposition the tooth. The dentist will check that it’s in the right position by taking an X-ray before splinting it to the teeth on either side for 2 weeks.

Protecting Your Teeth during Sports

If you participate in sports where you may be struck in the mouth, like rugby or hockey, you might want to think about having a mouthguard constructed by a dentist to save your teeth. To create a mouthguard that fits comfortably and protects your teeth, a mold of your teeth must be taken.

Acting quickly and getting dental care right away are essential for preserving a knocked-out tooth. These guidelines can help you maintain your smile and improve your chances of a good outcome by emphasizing the value of taking immediate action.

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